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Bizarre Prosperity

I don’t know how to describe the past two years, honestly. The title of this blog is all that I could come up with. It’s true, I haven’t been doing […]


I have lots of story ideas that I jot down and keep locked away on a password protected interface. Sometimes, I leave them here, to finish and post them to […]


Same as it has been for the past few months My mind is somewhere else when I’m stolen from a dream Haunted by feelings that don’t seem to leave Two […]

Dear Michigan,

I have lived within your Metro-Detroit area for four years now. You’ve been cold and difficult, but I have grown so much since I crossed your state line. I sought […]


A series of events have been keeping me away from draining these toxic thoughts onto a machine and out for the world to see. But that isn’t to say I […]

Glitter Pot

If you ever want to feel truly loved; truly adored Make an artist fall in love with you Their unique adulations are never fake Never created for the own self […]


She gazed upon the dotted the skyMarveling at the UniverseLittle did she knowThe Universe she lovingly admiredWas already within her

Could we pretend?

I wanted to stay with you in that moment for as long as I could stand it. I wanted to lie on the floor and openly profess our love for each […]

The Un[(i)ver(s)e]kind

We all know (with the help of history, stories, movies) that life is just a series of curve balls. Just when you think things have settled and you’re starting to […]

The Secrets in our Youth.

At some point, we all experience the illusion of immortality in our youth. It’s a warm, blanketing feeling to know that you’re young, smart, and the entire world is ahead […]