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Random Excerpt Numba Wun!


In honor of my first 50 likes on Facebook, I decided to reveal an excerpt from some random point in my book. This is also apart of the original dream I had that started it all. 🙂 Leave some comments if you like!



The caw of the crows startled Charlee who looked upward in time to glimpse the shadow of their vicious wings fluttering in disturbance. She was back in the dense woods, barefooted and curious. The light up ahead called to her and she was further along the path than before. She felt the grains of dirt vibrate from a mysterious rhythm through the soles of her naked feet and a scent of something wild in the air.


Suctioned to the dark bark of various trees, a letter had been carelessly sprayed indicating that the path had a function. She traced the letter’s swirling shape as she passed by but it began to fade with her lingering touch, as if the bark absorbed its fluorescent color.


From behind her, a loud crack interrupted the distant lure of the music and Charlee immediately froze, swallowing her breaths. A low, rolling growl bellowed from the ground beneath her as she slowly turned.

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