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Super excited! Another Excerpt!

I’ve recently reached the 100 likes milestone on my Facebook page. It may seem miniscule, but just the interest alone keeps me going! 

I’ve been pushing really hard, as you know, to get this completed. The First Draft is nearly finished with edits and then we move on with another review. 

All the while, my characters are still beckoning me to move on with the second installment. “Why would you want to relive these old memories, when we have new ones to tell you about!” 


I swear I am not crazy!


Here’s a tiny little excerpt in honor of those who were intrigued enough. Funny thing: this was actually just something I wrote out — it had no relation to the story. The more Charlee’s personality developed, the more this sounded like her. Really, it was all me. 


The burning sensation of this past season’s dry, autumn leaves floated through Charlee’s cool nostrils. Genuinely, she smiled in appreciation as she stepped out of the chilling shadows. The warm golden light coated her tingling skin, warming her winter bones. She observed how it also warmed the earth and poured over it softly like a long awaited blanket of happiness. Her mind drifted poetically into the magic of the sun and all living things as the jolly birds shouted their song. Yes, spring. This was her favorite season.


Spread the word!!! ❤ ❤ Like my Facebook page! 

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