The music is almost as important as the writing (Long Excerpt Included)!

While writing BTC, I often looked through different genres of music for inspiration. Since the setting of this book is based in the west side of North Carolina, I often found myself in folk music. Sometimes, a single song  would serve as the backdrop to an entire scene, sometimes it was multiple. As the book progressed, the darker the music became.  I will have to write a song list once I’m finished.


I was having a difficult time figuring out what to do with one of my characters. Up to that point, he didn’t play a prominent role in the book, but was an assisting (and amusing) character. My friend Katy was showing me a new album for the Pistol Annies, a genre that I don’t really like. I listened to a couple of songs and found the one that inspired this scene.  Enjoy! 🙂


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The mound leveled out at the top. A small abandoned house sat, wasting away and allowing nature to reclaim it back to the earth. It leaned and groaned with its saddened, broken eyes, looking out upon the two women in its yard. The taller one was a voluptuous brunette with light eyes and full lips. She was pushing the petite blonde in a vine wrapped swing that was strung up on a thick branch in an overcasting tree. Her hair flowing in the wind like a dream.


Miles stopped to catch his breath, but also to stand in awe of the image before him. He was captivated by their melody as well as their beauty. He wasn’t sure if it was because of all of the toxins he consumed, but he felt compelled to be near them. Akiré coaxed him closer and the ladies took notice of their company while maintaining their spell binding a cappella.


Slowly, they moved towards him. Miles stood, frozen in admiration and in an unfamiliar lust. Shivers jolted through his spine as they snaked their fingers through his hair. He allowed their warm, soft palms to slither on his exposed, goose bumped skin. Akiré watched proudly as they seduced Miles into removing his shirt and uncovering his defined muscles. Moving about him like vultures, they entrancing him with the lyrics slipping through their lips.


Miles was so captured by their siren call that he didn’t notice other hunting parties were being ambushed on the other side of the hill. Humans being chased down, ripped from limb to limb or drug into the unknown by creatures this world has never seen before.


Published by

Erika Damn Castle!

I've always been told that I'm an adventurous girl and I cannot deny any of it. I would love to see the world and experience all of the stories it has to tell me. I am a child of the arts, developing my senses in music, painting, sketching, crafting, et cetera. But writing... it was a talent I believe I was born with. I'm not saying I'm an amazing (grammatically correct) author, just that I'm a natural storyteller. I can remember from the time that I learned how to read and write, I was eager to create my own world. I would scribble out tons of poems and short stories, then forcibly share them with my family (or even with my classmates). One of those stories resulted in the creation of this blog. Black Tears. As a child with an already wild imagination, I would always have these equally crazy dreams. One of those dreams was so vivid, that I awoke in the middle of the night and jotted down everything I could remember. From that point, the dream evolved into a poem, then a short story, and then to a complete story. It is the fruit of my 20 year procrastinating labor, and has been published into a book (the first of its series). Tune in to stay updated on the growth of myself as an author and the series. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have loved creating it! XX , Erika

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