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Focus, Focus, Hocus FOCUS!

When you already know the entirety of the story you’re wanting to tell, it’s hard to focus when you’re editing the first part. I have often found myself lingering back to writing parts of the second or possibly the third book. It’s both a beauty and a sin because I’m working so hard to get this first book just right.

Self Publishing opens the door to a lot of mistakes and I’m trying so hard not to be just that… A mistake. I don’t need to be distracted with hurriedly getting the entire story to paper, but I just can’t help it. These characters have been detained for so long, now that they’re finally coming out, they are doing so with full-force.

Here’s an excerpt of one of my favorite scenes that really defines the type of character. I have removed names so there aren’t any spoilers for the first book.

Their makeshift kitchen was a rusty, industrial nightmare. Gears and metal buckets on a pulley system loomed about them, swaying ever so slightly and permitting the creepiest of deteriorated  squeaks. Over sized tools and cutlery were strewn on various slabs and tables, dripping with unidentifiable liquids.The air was hot and sticky,tasting of iron flakes and sea salt.


XXXXX looked up at him and smiled a crooked smile, with human dripping from her face. Using the back of her wrist, she wiped away some of the debris as she called out to one of the bodies hidden in a bucket. A seemingly meek girl peered her head over the rim, her eyes a faded, deathly blue.


“Don’t be shy, darling!” XXXXX called out with insincerity and an inching finger.


The petite girl raised her head a little more without hesitation. THWACK!


A grinding gear sawed its way through the back, splitting the right of her head. Her faded blue eye poured down her now mangled face as the gear continued to plow through , rippling and twisting her hair around it’s mechanics.


XXXXX dodged the spray of human while XXXXX welcomed the warm shower with her arms spread. She let out a giggle of delight as she threw her head back. She was enjoying herself too much.

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