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Overflow: A Struggle.

I absolutely love that my mind is as creative as it is. Sometimes, it doesn’t stop being creative and my stories gain so much more perspective and grow. This series in particular, I could write (maybe) six books, four in the main story line, and two mini character stories.

It’s not just this series that attempts to barge its way onto paper, there are others. Some of them come from dreams, like Charlee or the story I have dubbed “Daisy.” Some of them come from trailing thoughts about a certain situation that I’ve encountered like my homeless guy story.

I also enjoy that I have a variety of stories that float to different genre’s. Like Horror, Thriller, Romance, et cetera. It keeps me versatile and I’m excited to be able to appeal to different audiences.

What isn’t fair? That these stories come out of the blue, all I can do is jot the idea down and set it aside. The excitement of story development has to be short-lived just because I have to focus on getting this book out and working on the rest of the series. If I could do this full time instead of working a full time unrelated job, I would be in heaven and… probably pump out novel after novel.

I can dream, can’t I?


I don’t have an excerpt to include, but a sketch of my main character in BTC. This is how I feel Charlee is, free minded and a daydreamer. I suppose some of her character is based on myself, but when you’re a writer, all of your characters are built with pieces of you. In this case, she would be my inner child, full of wonderment and love but also incredibly wiser than her years on Earth.

Please let me know what you think in the comments below.



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