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Distraction (random excerpt)

My book has just been published! I have taken to many areas of social media to push and push my book. I hate to sound like one of those people you want to un-friend or un-follow, but really want people to read. I have been working on the second installment, but I keep getting distracted by pushing my first book, and randomly writing tidbits of side stories. Forgive me for the next few weeks.

This first book, I was afraid of being too descriptive. When an author does so, it’s hard to follow along and keep reading. Because of this fear, I went into the complete opposite direction to where it seemed rush. Finding the happy medium was difficult and to some readers, the book may still come off that way.

Writing out the beginning scene of a story I have dubbed “Dreamwalker,” I found myself heavily descriptive. Not because it was natural, but because the character is confidently complex. Instead of relying on third person like BTC, I went first person and ended up with a really long start to the story. Here’s an excerpt (raw):

The relentless, vexatious tapping of Roz’s pen against her desk has been the bane of my existence here at Taylor’s Greeting. After her overload of coffee, like clockwork, 9:30 began with her annoying caffeine induced humming.  Then came the chewing of her pen cap while utilizing it as a tuning fork between her gapped teeth. And finally, by 9:38, she was slopping it– saliva and all– against the very edge of her desk. Where ever the top roll of her skin wasn’t already trying to consume its desktop breakfast. I’ve tolerated this for three long years, and this is just the beginning of the day! Never mind her constant need for office drama or her urges to share stories with me about the most disgusting parts of her anatomy.

All of this has served up a very good distraction from working on the second installment of Black Tears. I have some of it written out, some of it just random scenes (for now), but I haven’t worked on it since my BTC debuted on Tuesday. Shame on me!

I’m also looking into a bit of assistance with marketing. This has been tough.

Wish me luck and pick up your copy of BTC here!

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