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Hey, there! Long time, no blog!

Just a short note:

As I am letting BTC slide it’s way through readers, I’m trying to force myself to take a break. Toward the start of publishing, I became a little obsessive with getting everything in line and pushing the book out to the public. It made editing a little hectic. Granted, the Haunt season was fast approaching and my time was extremely limited. Now that my second job has started, I keep trying to not write. I have found that it isn’t something you can just put down. I have always used writing as a hobby and never really had to force myself to stop. When those creative juices flowed, I’d let them take control.

I am attempting to not stress myself too much with both jobs and writing. As any freshman author will say, I wish writing could be my only job.

Success is born when Dreamers meet Ambition. Dream on.

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