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Relentless, none the less.

Hey! So, no matter how hard my other responsibilities in life try to take away my time, I still feel the need to strap myself to a desk with a computer and ferociously type away. I wish I could do this all the time. I wish, I wish, I wish.

Instead, you’re stuck here, waiting for my second book to make it’s debut in order to keep following the story of Charlee and her friends. I promise, it’s there, waiting for me to unveil it’s horrific events with underlying tales of love and friendship. I want to write it just as much as you want to read it, I swear. Can’t I just be a full time author, already? Who has the magical snapping fingers? Do you think Harry would possess such powers? No?

Here’s a little taste of the first chapter (written while publishing book one):

She lept to the dog, wrapping her arms around his neck, turning the gold collar. She heard the familiar rattle of the charms she attached to his tag hook as a child. She folded her legs before him and examined his beloved trinkets while he stood proudly (as if to show them off). While attentively listening, he admirably gazed at her.


“A princess and a frog, a dancing dog,” she recited her verse from memory, “And a happy Charlee to take along!”


Charlee rubbed wearily on the silver stick figure charm, realizing the last time she had recited those rhymes was during her final kiss goodbye to a suffering Robbie. She again grasped her childhood best friend and cried heavily onto his pelt.

Hopefully that left you clueless and curious without giving too much away! I’m pretty good at twisting events, as I’m sure you can tell. 🙂

Much love and keep reading!



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