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Holiday Schmoliday.

As you get older, the holidays become less magical. The stress of gifts, dinners, and/or party planning reach their maximum level. The importance of these celebrations all get tossed to the curb along with whatever junk was left over from Halloween. No, this isn’t going to be some preachy post, I promise (I tend to skip those too).

Allow me to Ba-humbug for a moment:

Christmas has become so commercialized that it is no longer a Christian holiday. As you know from my previous post, I am not of the religious type. Christmas is more than that. People absolutely can not wait to put up their trees (I have a friend who put theirs up November 1st) and are extremely hesitant to take it down. I find it both ridiculous and understandable. I enjoy people who hold true to their inner child. For a lot of us fortunate folks, we had fantastic Christmas’ with candy, lights, snow, hot chocolate, and Santa. What’s not to love about that?!

Seriously, though. Tone that crap down. There’s no magic in it anymore when it’s spewing out of your ears.

I feel like the moment I reach for the left over Halloween candy, an airbag goes off, confining me to a rather small compartment. Don’t get me wrong, I fall prey to the red and green glitter, lights, and candy canes. But not until after my birthday.

Ugh. My birthday.

My parents were dicks. I was born December 5th and promptly adorned with a Santa hat. That’s right. The very second i took my first breath, Christmas was thrust upon me. Every year there after, I’ve had to share my one day out of the entire 365 days with the idiotic rush and celebration of Christmas everything. ALL DECEMBER BABIES SECRETLY HATE THIS! Save your future children the despair and try not to conceive in March.

I am not at all a materialistic person. I appreciate anything I’m given at any point in time and I tend to do the same for others. These next sentences will make me look like an ass and contradict my former statement. Now that disclaimer is over: it is complete and total bullshit that you give me a single gift as both Christmas and my birthday. You made an effort and gave my sister her own birthday present back in April. Now you’re giving her a Christmas present. How fricken fair is that? It’s not that hard. PLAN AHEAD. /rant. I know I am extremely fortunate and I should be grateful for everything (and I am), but I’m not going to act like that little voice isn’t there LOL.

Poor Thanksgiving doesn’t even have a chance. I’ve seen people jokingly say that Thanksgiving was now just the day to celebrate the start of Christmas. Really? I vote to change Thanksgiving to September. It deserves it’s own day.

Finally, my holidays just became a lot more dim and is probably  the reason I am so grumpy. My dad was the biggest kid I have ever known and loved spending these holidays with his family. His candle blew out months ago and I am still struggling. It is hard to imagine these special times without him.

I love you, Daddy Eugene. It will never be the same.

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