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Glitter Bomb

Have you ever sat and thought about the random phrases we say? I do.

And to entertain myself, I like to think about the literal situations you would feel compelled to use such phrases. TIP: This helps while you’re waiting… for anything. Doctor’s office, dental visits, the line at the coffee shop, et cetera.

Take this phrase: “Fancy meeting you here!”


What the hell does that mean? Is it suddenly a fancy situation now that I have arrived? It’s a sudden black tie affair? Am I now under dressed for our mere casual run in at the liquor store?

Here’s what happens in the Happy-Fun-Timey-Place that is my mind: “Fancy meeting you here!”

*glitter bomb cloud*

Now everyone is dressed in 18th century getup (wigs and all), traipsing around at a masquerade ball. Don’t forget the lovingly adorned 90’s neon sunglasses. Because it’s effing fancy!

For my reply, I will sharply point my smallest digit in the air, “Pinkies up, BITCHES!”

And of course, gallop away on my stick pony while someone follows along, slapping coconut shells together.


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