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The Writer’s Mirror: Darkness Within

I find that embracing your inner darkness is something everyone should do. Examining my thoughts and experimenting with them helps me understand it in incredible depth. We all have it, it’s natural. Denying or suppressing it can only result in disastrous situations. As an artist, I find that allowing my darkness to surface through my work is a fantastic outlet. If you’ve read my short stories here, you have witnessed this vulnerable, sick-minded part of me. I have given her a name (and yes, I am just fine upstairs). I’ve even assigned her a major role in my book series. Here’s my attempt at describing her:

She doesn’t even bother lurking in the shadows, as she is proud to be herself. Her crooked, tantalizing smile lures in any sailor to the depths of her sea blue eyes. She’ll eat your soul and convince you that she is your lifeline. You’ll never want to let go once you’ve sampled the nectar of her kiss. You’ll lust for her and her wicked, torturous ways. Give her complete control, she’ll reveal the demons that line the cogs of your mechanical mind. She’s always a step ahead, and selfishly leaves when you need her most; when you love her the most. Apathetically sincere, alone and insecure. She is the haunted, evil vixen you’ll love forever.

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