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The loud humming of the digital hotel alarm clock served as the metronome in her hypnosis. Thoughts circuiting through her mind of events taking place moments before. The bed sheets were still warm and filled with the scent of ecstasy.  She cradled inside them, trying her best to remain there, in that intimate hour with a man she felt most intimate with.

His soft, luxurious skin slithered through her fingertips while his voice rattled through her ears. His spirit moved her, vibrating deeper than her bones and she wanted so badly to live inside his dark, tormented warmth. She felt safe there. Connected on a level that felt inhuman. Almost god-like. An undiscovered plane of universal unison.

But no matter how strong her desire, these words could never leave the crevices of her lips. And she suspected those same words, those same thoughts, that same connection would never escape his.

One would wonder, what is it that his extraordinarily soft, pink pout says to hers when they greet? When they reach the nape of her neck or the cusp of her hand?

He left her there, lying delicately amongst the pillows. He left her there quickly, before his love could leave her face.

Fear is a destructive thing.

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