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Month: November 2015

Don’t mind me…

He cupped his slippery entrails with the tail of his shirt like he’d just plucked a few apples in the orchard. Body fluids seeping through, leaving droplets stained upon his […]

Off my chest

I abandoned religion and any sense of the word long ago. Many events throughout my life lead me to my realization and I am so much better these days. When […]


Time is content with me I can never sleep More often than not The sounds of a ticking clock And never lost in a dream 😦

Stir Crazy

To much of my anguish, this has been my life since October 22nd. I was in a car accident on my way to work and landed myself in the hospital […]
Stir Crazy

Writer’s Mirror: Wild.

Self-analysis is often a tough process. If you’re anything like me, you like to understand your own behavior as well as other people. It’s something that I have always done […]

Motionless: A note to my dad.

Hi, Daddy. It has been well over a year since you’ve left me. Don’t worry, life is still moving on without you, even though I have attempted to claw my […]

No caption needed.

Love is a privilege. As much as I don’t like to admit it, T-Swift finally caught me with one of her silly ass songs. With the heart beat thumping in […]


  Tucked away, in a forgotten drawer, lies a neatly folded shirt. It stays there, out of sight, but in my mind. The neckline holds an unraveled, broken stitch that […]