Off my chest

I abandoned religion and any sense of the word long ago. Many events throughout my life lead me to my realization and I am so much better these days.

When I explain this to others, their immediate reaction is to be appalled. As if I were hanging people in their front yard. I really don’t get that. Religion is essentially an idealology that has no real solid foundation. People took those ideas and built rules around them. Some would see it as a sense of controlling others with the fear of what happens to you in the afterlife.

How I see it, we all die and have no control over what happens to our consciousness afterward. No matter what kind of life you lead, we end up in the exact same situation. After considering all this, I focused more on how I lived my life and how I make others feel. I want to make the most of everything and I want to make everyone I ever encounter feel loved. Why is that so bad?

I am never one to push someone away because of their belief system. I am open minded. If you want to pray for me, go ahead. If we are to pray as a family, I will participate out of respect. But when it comes to my opinion, it’s too radical. In fact, people either brush it off like they don’t believe me, or they end their relationship with me. That’s how ridiculous.

Why would you teach acceptance and never practice it?

The world isn’t black or white. Wake the hell up.

Published by

Erika Damn Castle!

I've always been told that I'm an adventurous girl and I cannot deny any of it. I would love to see the world and experience all of the stories it has to tell me. I am a child of the arts, developing my senses in music, painting, sketching, crafting, et cetera. But writing... it was a talent I believe I was born with. I'm not saying I'm an amazing (grammatically correct) author, just that I'm a natural storyteller. I can remember from the time that I learned how to read and write, I was eager to create my own world. I would scribble out tons of poems and short stories, then forcibly share them with my family (or even with my classmates). One of those stories resulted in the creation of this blog. Black Tears. As a child with an already wild imagination, I would always have these equally crazy dreams. One of those dreams was so vivid, that I awoke in the middle of the night and jotted down everything I could remember. From that point, the dream evolved into a poem, then a short story, and then to a complete story. It is the fruit of my 20 year procrastinating labor, and has been published into a book (the first of its series). Tune in to stay updated on the growth of myself as an author and the series. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have loved creating it! XX , Erika

4 thoughts on “Off my chest”

    1. It’s ironic in a way. The entire premise of coming to this land was to break free of the religious scrutiny that was Europe. I feel we have had a very hypocritical mantra from the start. Why would you alienate me when I am accepting of you? It bothers me more than I can describe. Especially because my own mother doesn’t understand it.

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      1. Yeah, I mean people came here to break free of oppression, just to oppress the people already here.
        I get the tendency to label the “other” but you’d think we’d be passed that by now.

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