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Have you been re-written?

I’ve discussed a few different ideologies and my viewpoint on religion in previous blogs. This topic was something I discussed with my boyfriend (who loves things like these). Have you been re-written?

Basically, I mean reincarnation. I have encountered several people in my life who have memories that aren’t their own, researched the crap out of it, and have decided that reincarnation isn’t too far out of the realm of possibility on what happens to us in the afterlife.

What started this idea was the fact that I am a self-published author who loves to read. I have known from a young age that this was just something I had to do, no matter what career I chose. I could never stop even if I wanted to.

But what if my inspiration from a deceased author was really myself in a past life?

What if my deepest loves and characteristics of my soul carried on into the next body I have inhabited, therefore continuing my dream (or repeating the same process)?

Just an interesting, random thought at 5AM.

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