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Just a taste of the Write Stuff.


Today is my first day back to work and a part of me couldn’t be happier. The part that is hard working, likes tech stuff, and enjoys my job. Also the part that enjoys the socialization that comes with it.

There is a part of me who isn’t happy at all… The writer.

These last two and a half months have been amazing for her. She’d gotten to do nothing all day but write and write for long hours. Often into the morning (seriously, I went to bed at 7AM just two days ago). I got to experience what it was really like to be a full time writer. The only inhibitions were my inability to go places and do things with people. Y’know… The busted leg and no vehicle.

It has also rendered me broke. A true starving artist, I guess. Although, this only made me work a bit harder to achieve what I wanted. To be good at my craft. To be good enough that people will enjoy my work and maybe make me a little less broke. I mostly only care about the former. The latter is a great perk.

I will still be writing, but back to part time. I’m well invested in it so I can’t stop, but I figured out quickly this morning that it was the only thing I wanted to do (aside from my other artsy stuff). This is going to be difficult and kind of painful for her.

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