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The Secrets in our Youth.

At some point, we all experience the illusion of immortality in our youth. It’s a warm, blanketing feeling to know that you’re young, smart, and the entire world is ahead of you. When those curtains fall to the ground and reality is revealed, your last little bit of innocence crumbles with it.

I lost a friend yesterday. I hadn’t been in touch with him in many years, but I am mourning his absence.

His death (along with two of us who passed while we were teenagers) is a reminder that those days in our youth, our “group” really was something special. Our bond was something magical and we all still hold each other very dear. Even now, I can’t talk about the things that happened. Not because I think people would frown upon our actions, but because it’s a secret shared only between us. Keeping it that way is like clutching on to something glittery and golden. An active current that lives at the very core of all of us, that keeps reminding us of who we really are. Because we were the realist when we were together. Yes, even in our ignorant youth.

Rest. Peacefully rest and let these broken pieces of our hearts go with you to your next journey. We’ll be okay. After all, we were loved by you. I hope we can all be together in another lifetime.

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