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The nefarious switch (excerpt included).


I have spent my morning doing research. And like most research I do, I lose myself down that deep, dark tunnel, coming out thinking I’m more of an expert than before. This is a part of the writing process and like with creative people, we like to convince others that we know what the hell we’re doing.

I recovered after watching this last video, but was left worried. As a horror/thriller writer, I often coat myself in the blood of my characters and become them for however long I need to. Yes, this is fiction, but how am I supposed to make a sociopath convince you that his murderous actions are logical? I have to tell you what you need to hear. Manipulate you into thinking my thoughts are your own. Falsely empathize to assure you that I am good people and of sound mind.

What I fear is that on/off switch that’s flipped in my brain when I need it to benefit my writing. So that I may disgust you, make your bones ache, force you to cry for me, sympathize with me, lust for me.

I could never see myself ever turning into these things; that’s not in my natural behavior. But, I wonder: How dangerous is this switch? If I can imitate both a psychopath and sociopath, what does that make me?

Speaking of crazy, here’s an extended excerpt from book two!!



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