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The Un[(i)ver(s)e]kind

We all know (with the help of history, stories, movies) that life is just a series of curve balls. Just when you think things have settled and you’re starting to become content, the Universe unveils something. Whether it be an addicting hobby, unsettling news, death, and even new love. The recurring theme is to always keep your head on a swivel and embrace the things to come to you. No matter how difficult.

In the past few months, I didn’t expect quite a bit to happen. Just when you feel a little defeated, complacent, and cold, something comes along and warms you up. Revives you. Reminds you that you’re quite comical. Most of all, how surprisingly devastated you are when it’s suddenly removed. How vital you discovered it to be. How cruel of the world to send this one to me. Twice.

Now, I’m just rambling.

Where can I go when the shadows are calling? I’m slipping into the deep end. Thoughts of you consume.


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