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I have lots of story ideas that I jot down and keep locked away on a password protected interface. Sometimes, I leave them here, to finish and post them to […]


Same as it has been for the past few months My mind is somewhere else when I’m stolen from a dream Haunted by feelings that don’t seem to leave Two […]

Glitter Pot

If you ever want to feel truly loved; truly adored Make an artist fall in love with you Their unique adulations are never fake Never created for the own self […]

Could we pretend?

I wanted to stay with you in that moment for as long as I could stand it. I wanted to lie on the floor and openly profess our love for each […]

Have you been re-written?

I’ve discussed a few different ideologies and my viewpoint on religion in previous blogs. This topic was something I discussed with my boyfriend (who loves things like these). Have you […]

Don’t mind me…

He cupped his slippery entrails with the tail of his shirt like he’d just plucked a few apples in the orchard. Body fluids seeping through, leaving droplets stained upon his […]

Off my chest

I abandoned religion and any sense of the word long ago. Many events throughout my life lead me to my realization and I am so much better these days. When […]

Stir Crazy

To much of my anguish, this has been my life since October 22nd. I was in a car accident on my way to work and landed myself in the hospital […]
Stir Crazy


The loud humming of the digital hotel alarm clock served as the metronome in her hypnosis. Thoughts circuiting through her mind of events taking place moments before. The bed sheets […]

Glitter Bomb

Have you ever sat and thought about the random phrases we say? I do. And to entertain myself, I like to think about the literal situations you would feel compelled […]
Glitter Bomb