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A series of events have been keeping me away from draining these toxic thoughts onto a machine and out for the world to see. But that isn’t to say I […]

The Secrets in our Youth.

At some point, we all experience the illusion of immortality in our youth. It’s a warm, blanketing feeling to know that you’re young, smart, and the entire world is ahead […]

What would you be wearing?

I have found myself in the clutches of Death three times now. That’s not something I am proud of, but it is something I am completely aware of.  My father […]

Don’t mind me…

He cupped his slippery entrails with the tail of his shirt like he’d just plucked a few apples in the orchard. Body fluids seeping through, leaving droplets stained upon his […]

Motionless: A note to my dad.

Hi, Daddy. It has been well over a year since you’ve left me. Don’t worry, life is still moving on without you, even though I have attempted to claw my […]

Fat Death

I have once stood in the same room Where death has sat, happy and fat Swollen full from the life that once laid before him Mocking those victimized from the […]