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Hey, there! Long time, no blog! Just a short note: As I am letting BTC slide it’s way through readers, I’m trying to force myself to take a break. Toward […]

Moving on is hard to do.

While this blog is intended mostly for my books and writing, I’d like to take a step back and express the emotional hardship that I am enduring.  My father unexpectedly […]

Overflow: A Struggle.

I absolutely love that my mind is as creative as it is. Sometimes, it doesn’t stop being creative and my stories gain so much more perspective and grow. This series […]

Focus, Focus, Hocus FOCUS!

When you already know the entirety of the story you’re wanting to tell, it’s hard to focus when you’re editing the first part. I have often found myself lingering back […]

Editing can be fun!

I’ve recently hit the gas on getting it edited because I feel there are great possibilities with this series. The story alone is so grand that it couldn’t end with […]