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Motionless: A note to my dad.

Hi, Daddy. It has been well over a year since you’ve left me. Don’t worry, life is still moving on without you, even though I have attempted to claw my […]

No caption needed.

Love is a privilege. As much as I don’t like to admit it, T-Swift finally caught me with one of her silly ass songs. With the heart beat thumping in […]


  Tucked away, in a forgotten drawer, lies a neatly folded shirt. It stays there, out of sight, but in my mind. The neckline holds an unraveled, broken stitch that […]


The loud humming of the digital hotel alarm clock served as the metronome in her hypnosis. Thoughts circuiting through her mind of events taking place moments before. The bed sheets […]

Glitter Bomb

Have you ever sat and thought about the random phrases we say? I do. And to entertain myself, I like to think about the literal situations you would feel compelled […]
Glitter Bomb

Fat Death

I have once stood in the same room Where death has sat, happy and fat Swollen full from the life that once laid before him Mocking those victimized from the […]


**Ramblings Warning** I grew up in a small town of about 5,000+ people (at the time). A beautifully historic, charming, sleepy, Southern town about 45 minutes from anything that resembled […]

Brief Story: Jumper

All of my recent shorts have been story ideas. This one is no different, except that I came up with it quite some time ago. It’s inspired by a personal […]

How’s the stew?

Here’s a little sequel of “Tea or Lemonade.” I just couldn’t help myself. The following video helped with inspiration and I think you’ll find it quite fitting. “Goodness, Papa! This here […]